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This page contains unsolicited remarks from teens who visited this web site and sent us their ideas.  This is one fulfillment of our promise to Give Teens a Voice.  Others teens have commented on participation in our projects. 

Jennifer, New York
Many youth out there have great ideas on how to prevent youth violence. The problem is that no one really listens to us. We have to make adults see that we are the voice that can help to prevent youth violence. What do you think would work better? Having an adult who thinks he knows what's going on in our minds try and come up with a solution or having a teenager who lives and breaths what is going on around them try to come up with a solution? I think that teenagers need to be listened to. We can hold the key to many things if people just listen up and let us talk.

John, Virginia
Personally, I think that the people to blame our the troubled teens themselves. Many people blame the parents, the video games, the music, or the media, but the truth is when it comes down to it the TEENS determine how to interpret what they see and the TEENS decide whether they will get a gun and start shooting. This is a frightening possibility yes, but if everybody would stop so over publicizing it many of the copycats wouldn't have much to copy. And many people blame their actions on society well if they didn't commit the crimes, the society would be better off. The years of torment some violent people blame their actions on, wouldn't exist if people in general were nicer and more open minded.

Tabitha, Minnesota
It literally makes me sick all the violence that goes on in our country! When are more students going to wake up and realize that it's just not right. It's not right to make fun of students, it's not right to make school a place where students wonder if it'll be their last day of life. No one likes living in fear. I am very proud of my school in some aspects. It is a small public school and we have never had a bomb threat. Now my school isn't perfect but I'm not afraid to come here. I just wish that people would look at what they are doing and realize that it makes no sense.

Shari, New Jersey
I am a 15 year old Freshman at Holmdel High School in Holmdel, New Jersey.  I have been a Peer Leader for the last 2 years.  We have a new superintendent this year, and he decided to not allow any youth peer to peer type programs or any programs having to do with smoking, drinking, drugs, or violence. I was very upset by this although I have found 1 program for which I was chosen by the state - YSB Youth Speakers Bureau.  This is not a replacement for peer leadership but this allows me to do something I love to do -  speak out and fight against smoking, drinking, drugs, and violence.  I enjoy doing these things so I have been looking for other outside of school programs that I can join.
[TTT Note:  This is not the first time that administrators have demonstrated their lack of respect for teenagers and their opinions.  It is unthinkable that responsible adults would prohibit programs that help teens deal with the issues of smoking, drugs, drinking, or violence.  We may not know all the issues in this situation, but we heartily encourage teens like Shari who want to be involved in solving problems, not causing them.]

Kenny, Maryland
This on-going issue of safety in schools really makes me angry. Because of the lack of parenting, kids are lost with what is right and wrong. If the parents would raise their children and actually teach them the difference between right and wrong, I would guarantee that the violence would be less in schools. But instead, we're left fearing for our lives. Fearing that some troubled teen is going to lose their mind because they were picked on in school. Worried that some teen doesn't know that words are nothing more than that, because their parents weren't there to explain that to them.

But, we can't put all the blame on the parents. We can't forget about our very liberal media that has absolutely no problem covering a story like school shootings. Are they honestly ignorant to the fact that every time they cover one of the school shootings another three occur.

Then you have the ignorance of people in general. They blame the music and the video games. Well, this upsets me as a musician and a gamer. I've been listening to Marilyn Manson for six years. I've also been playing the video games that they blame for these atrocities. But you know what: My parents were there to teach me the difference between the video games and real life.

Adam N, Texas
My name is Adam Nxxx. I am a Junior at xxxxxxxx High in xxxxxxxxx, Texas. Today March 27, 2001 we had our first bomb threat.  I am sick and tired of being afraid.  I thank you for making this site and giving us a chance for our voices to be heard.  Our adults are always trying to find ways on making our school safer.  They are WRONG  for doing this. WE THE STUDENTS OF THE SCHOOL SHOULD MAKE IT SAFER.  It can be done with a slogan from a movie I watched one night. It is short and simple.  It is only 2 words. "NO MORE." If we want a safer schools then the students should raise up and say "NO MORE." We are tired of gun threats, fighting in the hall ways, bomb threats. we want NO MORE of all the things we have to put up with that makes us afraid.  Students that want a future far out number the ones who want to take our future from us.
Again thank you for making this site and good luck you in the future.

Samantha, Nebraska
Being a person that has gone to a catholic school all my life, I never got to experience public school life.  I am transfering to the biggest, most violent school in the city. I don't know whether to be scared or to be happy.  My point is, there shouldn't be a time when a person should be "scared" to go to a school. Some of my friends are also going there (not by choice) and they are frightened about the things that have happened in that school. High school should be the "time of youth" and a person shouldn't be afraid, frightened, or scared to enter into high school. I believe that organizations like this can make a difference in our world.

Nyhki, Michigan
I think it's great what you are doing. There are a lot of troubled teens out there that need to know they are loved. I believe feeling alone and isolated are main reasons for violence. We need to
show those troubled teens there are people who care!!